ShufMe Company Overview

ShufMe INC is USA Based Company registered in California Los Angeles 2011 and it is the Last Generation of social networking and communications on internet industry.

ShufMe Means Watch Me Live! Its face to face video Calling and Live broadcasting taking Communication and social networking to the next level “we are the last generation”.

We are different than other Sites and applications we are not free!  Why not free? Because our privacy and our trust means we have to know each other. We are and we have to be licensed in earth, we are willing to be the first Registered Social Site and Video Call VOIP provider all over the world, we respect your privacy and government rules and our time.

ShufMe’s mission is to Convert all TV set.

Video calls no longer remain a fantasy, as today people have easy access to the global network and applications on their mobile phones that allow them to be fast enough with this fast pace world. The use of the latest technology over different sectors has eased our lives to a great extent. The VoIP video call feature in mobile phones allow its users to move freely, while making a call instead of being sticked to a desktop, a laptop or a notebook.

With ever so booming internet market, telecommunication via web has been the most demanding domain by entrepreneurs of all sizes and from all walks of life. Some of the commonly used services for carrying out telecommunication via web include VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and VOD (Video on Demand).

Shufme Inc has been established in Los Angeles California USA by yaser Ishaq nahleh the founder and his investors partners with 10 million shares.
Shufme is ready to Go software and hardware, Shufme also have many hardware products like taslam Smartphone, ShufTV box and, shufwatch, ShufPhone, and ShufBook.


What we really Do?

Shufme Comes with:

1.    First Arabic Video Call Application "ShufMobile"
2.    First Arabic Smartphone "TASLAM"
3.    First International Video TV CALL BOX "SHUFTV"
4.    First  Independent Ready Video Call Watch " SHUFWATCH"
Shufme has come up with a superior VoIP cellular service, which allows people to make unlimited local and international calls, as well as send text messages from mobile phones to other VoIP users at reduced rates. Shufme offers ShufMobile Application to call video calling worldwide unlimited for free locally.

Shufme is the first Arabic VoIP video calling telecommunication worldwide. Shufme Offers taslam Smartphone to be the first Arabic smart Phone on earth, so you call and video call with your own mobile built-in.

Shufme offers the first Arabic ready video phone on your pocket.

Shufme is simply Watch Me LIVE!